We take pride in providing our customers with high quality print at the best price by using our network of suppliers across the UK and Europe. We understand which of our suppliers are best for the most popular items required. By using a broad range of printers, it has often meant if prices go up or if an item can’t be delivered on time we can usually change supplier to make sure an order is delivered at the right price, highest quality and in the timescale expected.

During the Covid-19 pandemic we were all more aware of spreading germs and therefore our clients requested less print and everyone was encouraged to share documents online. As businesses started opening up in 2021 print production really took off again and demand for print soared.

However, print prices have been rising now since the end of last year and they don’t look like stopping yet. In the last week prices on some products have risen by 12% and that’s on top of the 30% rise from last year!


Why have print prices increased?

Print prices have increased due to the rising costs of fuel, shortages in raw materials, higher labour costs, inflation and logistics.

  • Paper mills have faced increased costs when it comes to buying raw materials, including a huge increase in wood pulp prices.
  • Several paper mills across Europe have closed recently or reduced production during the pandemic meaning there is now a shortage of paper.
  • There has been an increased cost in the raw materials used to make ink including resins and pigments.
  • There are delays on raw materials reaching ports and containers for shipping products are scarce and costly.
  • The rising costs of fuel means it is more expensive to run printing presses and make deliveries.
  • Due to the War in Ukraine and rising fuel prices, inflation could hit a 40-year high in 2022.
  • Brexit and the pandemic has caused a shortage of truck drivers, meaning once your product is ready to deliver, it may take longer and be more expensive.


How can I save money on my print?

We could recommend that you save money by not printing and going back to sharing documents online – however that’s not going to work for all. Printed items are still very important for most businesses and often a physical item helps to inform, engage and inspire more so than digital media.

When you still need to print, here are some tips to help you save money;

  • Use less paper – get your designer to design a folded document that uses 1 sheet of paper rather than put the information in a stapled booklet that uses lots of sheets.
  • Reduce the number of finishes on your print such as lamination, spot UV and rounded corners.
  • Use the printers ‘recommended’ paper option. Although this may be thicker than what you currently use, this is usually their most popular option making it cheaper because they are buying in larger quantities.
  • Be ready to place an order as soon as possible once you have received a print quote. Our prices are now subject to change with a shorter notice period than normal.
  • Go double sided on flyers rather than single sided. This often doesn’t cost more and is sometimes even cheaper!
  • Order early, if you can give a printer 5-6 days rather than 1-2 days – your print will be cheaper.
  • If you can, print more copies of your document. Once your document is set up on a press, printing double the amount will cost slightly more in paper and ink but won’t increase the printing time dramatically or change the delivery cost. Therefore, the more you have, the cheaper it is per item.


Is it cheaper to visit my local printer to save on delivery costs?

We print some local booklets that are often over 48 pages (using 12 sheets of A4 paper each!), the cost increase on these has been phenomenal! We have looked to use some local printers in the last few weeks to see if going more local would reduce costs but our findings show that the same booklets cost 70% more by doing this. Some smaller printers just don’t have the large volumes coming through to enable them to compete.


Request a quote

To discuss your next print project, get in touch with rosanne@silverstonedesignsolutions.com who will be able to provide a variety of options to make your print cheaper, without sacrificing on quality. To find out more about our print services visit https://silverstonedesignsolutions.com/services/print/