In today’s fast-paced world, capturing attention and effectively conveying information is crucial. Whiteboard videos are now gaining popularity as a powerful tool that checks all the boxes, offering Versatility, Accessibility, a Learning Boost, Universal Appeal, an Engaging Format and the power of Storytelling.

V – Versatile for online use:

Whiteboard videos can be shared seamlessly on many online platforms. From social media posts to website explainer sections, these adaptable videos reach a wide audience and boost brand awareness.

A – Accessible learning for all

Whiteboard videos cater to various learning styles by combining visuals, narration, and text. This comprehensive approach ensures everyone grasps the information effectively.

L – Learning boost with increased retention

Electronic media, like whiteboard videos, can enhance information retention compared to traditional methods. People simply learn and remember more through engaging visuals. Studies have shown that e-learning increases retention rates of information by 15% compared to face-to-face learning. (Professor Richard Wiseman)

U – Universal appeal that transcends language barriers

The beauty of whiteboard videos is in their visual storytelling. By relying on clear illustrations and minimal text, they overcome language barriers and resonate with a global audience.

E – Engaging format that grabs attention

The step-by-step drawing process used in whiteboard animations is captivating. The movement grabs attention and keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. Studies have found that viewers have found whiteboard videos to be 33% more entertaining than traditional presentations. (Professor Richard Wiseman)

S – Storytelling power that simplifies complexities

Whiteboard videos don’t shy away from complex topics. Instead, they use relatable narratives and clear visuals to break down information into easily digestible chunks, making it both memorable and understandable.


By harnessing the VALUES of whiteboard videos, we can help you transform your communication strategy, enhance educational experiences, and take your marketing efforts to the next level. Take a look at our whiteboard video below that sums up this blog and if you’re looking to embrace the dynamic world of whiteboard animation get in touch to discuss

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