As we approach 2024, we’ve looked ahead to what’s in store for the world of graphic design. This industry is one that constantly embraces new ideas and styles to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

So, which graphic design trends that are set to dominate the coming year? Here are our top three.

AI Assistance

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help designers create prototypes, generate ideas, and automate tedious tasks.

We’ve used AI in Photoshop for automating tasks such as resizing images for around 20 years now and this saves a lot of time. Photoshop’s AI now helps users to effortlessly fill, edit, and remove image elements with just a few clicks. We had a go at this lately on a variety of different images but after multiple tries, we couldn’t get the look we wanted. Photoshop has provided some great new tools for making the programme more accessible to a larger user base. However, these tools do not work at the moment for the professional graphic designer who has been trained on how to edit images well and knows how to use the correct tools quickly and easily.

We’re on the look out for further AI tools that can help with speeding up design processes.

Bold Minimalism

Minimalism is still a major player in graphic design, but it’s taking on a more bold and expressive edge in 2024. Negative space will be used more effectively, typography will be stronger and there will be more colour whilst still focussing on the essential elements to give a sense of sophistication and clarity. We’ve already started to see this change in some of the brands we work with.


As environmental consciousness is growing, graphic designers have the opportunity to suggest recycled materials, eco-friendly inks and using renewable energy sources. This trend reflects the desire to reduce our own carbon footprint even more in 2024. Expect to see more minimalist and recycled packaging with designers thinking of clever ways to incorporate text.


These three trends will start to shape the visual landscape in 2024, inspiring designers to create impactful and innovative work that communicates with audiences and reflects our values.

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