What is a whiteboard video?

A whiteboard video is a type of video that shows doodle type images being drawn on screen. The images are accompanied by text and often a voiceover to tell a story. These animations are simple, yet very engaging.

By using your brand colours, logo and fonts, your video will fit with your brand and send out a consistent message. Your photos and videos can also be included, which provides an interesting contrast with the drawn images.


Who requires a whiteboard video?

We’ve designed a wide variety of whiteboard videos for our clients, ranging in length from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. These have included videos that;

  • introduce a school’s new logo,
  • highlight the achievements of a local business,
  • inform customers about attending an event,
  • engage people attending a virtual exhibition,
  • advertise on screen to local businesses,
  • train new employees in company processes.


Why use whiteboard video in your marketing?

Whiteboard videos are getting more and more popular as people realise what a great tool they are. Here are some reasons to use them in your marketing;

  • The doodle style images that are used gives them a fun and friendly nature and this is a great way to get your message across. People are more likely to share something that they find fun.
  • They are attention grabbing because they generally move quite quickly so they can be useful on social media to stop people scrolling by.
  • The combination of visual animation and spoken word together means they appeal to people who learn in different ways.
  • They are great to describe a subject that is highly technical because they hold peoples interest for longer.
  • Whiteboard videos often tell a story and that can help to draw people in.


Where can a whiteboard video be used?
  • Web: Google loves video content and tends to rank it highly so using a video on your website is a great idea. A video will help potential customers understand your business quickly and easily so it would be ideal placed on your homepage.
  • Social Media: On many platforms videos start playing straight away, meaning they will catch people attention better than a post with just an image and text.
  • Presentations: Ideal for in-person or virtual exhibitions to help people find out about your business and hold someone’s interest at your exhibition stand.


How do I get a whiteboard video designed?

To find out more about how to get a whiteboard video designed and what we require from you, visit https://silverstonedesignsolutions.com/services/digital-web-design/whiteboard-videos/

Or contact rosanne@silverstonedesignsolutions.com