If you’re looking to print your logo large or get your logo embroidered, you may have been asked by your printer or graphic designer for a vector version of your logo rather than a JPEG.

A vector file is a set of mathematical instructions on how to draw your logo including the colour required. So when you want to increase your logo in size the measurements recalculate meaning it will always look crisp without any loss of quality. Whereas a jpeg file is made up of pixels (small dots) and if they are made larger, than the original size, they will look fuzzy and cause your logo to look poor quality.

How do I get a vector file?
If you don’t have the vector file for your logo (maybe because it was created in-house, perhaps in Word) it would need to be redrawn to make it into a vector. It isn’t just a case of saving it as a different file type. Depending on how complicated your logo is depends on how long it will take to redraw and therefore costs can differ.

All our logo design packages are supplied with vector files so that you don’t run into any issues further down the line. You may not be able to open and view the vector file but it’s a very important file to keep safe for when it’s required.

To find out more about our logo design packages or to discuss creating a vector file of your logo please visit https://silverstonedesignsolutions.com/services/branding/