If you own a small business, no matter what industry you are in, it is likely you’ll need a graphic designer at some point. Whether that’s to help you with the start-up phase with logo design and branding. Or further down the line when you may need print or digital design on a more regular basis. But how do you choose a graphic designer that will understand your needs and will keep to your budget?

We think by looking to work with your local graphic designer, you’ll see many benefits;


Communication is easier

Imagine if you could call your graphic designer to chat through your ideas. Or send an email detailing some text amendments and receive the revised proof promptly. Being able to communicate easily with your designer means they’ll often understand what you require first time.

If you’re really local, your graphic designer could even pop in to your offices with their laptop and change a colour or font so that you can see the revisions immediately. This will enable you to make decisions quicker to stop you eating into your budget.

By working with a remote graphic designer that is in a different time zone you could find it tricky to get hold of them during your business hours. It will also take longer to finish a project because the back and forth with amendments over email will ultimately be slower when you’re in different time zones.


They’ll know your target market and have local knowledge

If your business is looking to attract local customers, then having a graphic designer that works and/or lives in your local community is a bonus. Having worked with other businesses in that area they’ll quickly be able to advise where you can advertise and what will appeal to your customers.


You’ll get access to their local network

A graphic designer will often network locally and therefore likely have access to further local contacts for you. They probably have good working relationships with suppliers you require too such as copywriters, web developers, social media managers, videographers and photographers. Or if it’s something like print, they might manage the whole process for you.

Using these tried and tested recommendations will save you the time of having to find your own further contacts.


They will help to build awareness of your business

Once completed, graphic designers like to build their portfolio and publicise their work on social media and their website. This may help to build further awareness of your business in the local area.


They’ll want a good reputation

A graphic designer will want to make sure they have a good reputation in their local community. They will therefore have a vested interest in making sure your relationship is a good one to make sure they are recommended by you and they receive a great review.


If you’re looking for a local, professional graphic designer in the South Northants area to help with design for print, digital design or branding you can take a look at our portfolio here. Or get in touch with Rosanne rosanne@silverstonedesignsolutions.com to discuss your graphic design requirements.