Businesses use graphic design to effectively market themselves, on the web, through social media and in print. A well thought out piece of design will convey a company’s message and values in a professional way that will engage, inform and inspire.

Some small businesses and start-ups try and find the cheapest option when it comes to graphic design. Often it’s thought that keeping it in house, even if there isn’t a trained graphic designer, will save money in the long run. But results can vary widely when you’re using programmes such as Word and PowerPoint. These really aren’t design programmes, you’ll probably find there are many limitations and you won’t be entirely happy with the end result.

We’re often called upon to redesign a document that has initially been created in Word or Powerpoint. Clients find that they’ve spent hours creating a design in Word and then when they come to print it, the images are pixelated, the text is too close to the edge, the colours don’t match or the pages are of the wrong size.

Read on to find out our top 5 reasons to outsource your graphic design;


  1. Your designer will have access to the correct programmes for the job

A graphic designer will have had training on how to use a range of design programmes and have access to a programme that works for each job. They will therefore be able to achieve the results you require in a short space of time including; designing your logo, a regular publication, a whiteboard video, a social media post or a design for your website.


  1. Outsourced design gives you time to run your business

Often graphic design is a time consuming task for someone who doesn’t do it on a daily basis. It is also something that gets pushed down the list of tasks if you’re busy and therefore rushed when it’s really needed. By working with a graphic designer, you will have time to run your business without thinking about colour palettes, fonts, images or page sizes.


  1. Outsourced design will make your business look more professional

A designer will ensure that the same fonts, colours and styles are used across your design work to provide consistency. Files have to be set up differently for use in print or on the web but a designer can make sure there is still that consistent look to make your business look professional.


  1. Outsourced design will give unique results to get your business noticed

When businesses try and create design work themselves, in an effort to save time, it often ends up looking like the same template has been used throughout. A graphic designer will get to know your business and your competition and will design something unique, that fits with your brand and gets your business noticed.


  1. Outsourced design can be more cost-effective

Although outsourcing may not be the cheapest option it’s likely to be more cost-effective. A graphic designer will know how to check a document is set up correctly for print or what size to create a design for the range of social media platforms. They will often achieve the results you require faster and you won’t end up with any reprinting costs because the file has been set up incorrectly.


If you’re looking for professional, cost-effective design on a regular basis, please get in touch to discuss your requirements