We are all looking for ways we can try and be more environmentally friendly both at home and at work. As a business that provides printing to clients we understand that the printing industry is a major contributor to pollution and waste. We therefore look to help our clients to reduce their impact on the environment when they order print from us.

Here’s how we can help;

  • Offer environmentally friendly materials: Using recycled paper for marketing is the greenest option as it uses less water and energy to make and produces lower carbon emissions. As designers we also understand how ink acts differently on recycled paper and can design your item accordingly.
  • Use digital printing: Digital printing is a more environmentally friendly method of printing than traditional printing methods, such as lithographic printing. This is because digital printing does not require the use of printing plates, which can be harmful to the environment. We always offer digital printing as the first choice.
  • Reduce waste: To reduce your waste only print what you require. We have suppliers that will print from 1 item, so there’s no need to order more than you need.
  • Offset your carbon emissions: If you are unable to reduce your carbon emissions through other means, you can offset them by investing in renewable energy projects or planting trees. Ask us how we can help with this.
  • Recycle: Once you are finished with your printed materials, recycle them. Paper can be recycled 4-5 times. This will help to keep them out of landfills.

Some of the products we design and print that have been popular lately include recycled paper business cards, labels, flyers, bags and coasters. Plus, reusable cups are always a popular giveaway for businesses.

If you would like to discuss how you could make your print more environmentally friendly please get in touch with rosanne@silverstonedesignsolutions.com