N2022 calendarow that we’re heading towards the season of gift-giving, are you looking for a promotional gift that you can send to clients or prospective customers? We think calendars are a great way to keep your brand in front of people all year long. Even though many diaries have now moved online we believe there is still a place for printed calendars.

We’ve been working with Deddington Library again this year to design the 2022 Deddington Parish Calendar which helps raise vital funds to keep the library open. By using great photos of the surrounding area and sponsors for each of the 12 months it is a product that sells well in the local community.

Calendars are useful items that are used multiple times a day and they are often kept on display rather than put away in a drawer like some promotional items. Every time your customer or prospect glances at their desk calendar or wall planner they will see your brand.

Important dates
As well as including Christmas and important bank holidays on your calendar, you could also include dates that are important to your customers. By tailoring the calendar to the needs and interests of the person receiving it you will provide them will more value.

  1. A charity could highlight fundraising events throughout the year.
  2. Are there exhibitions and trade shows that are important in your industry?
  3. If your target market is in education, perhaps terms dates and inset days would be useful.

Calendars are a highly visual item and therefore if you want to show off your products or you’ve had a recent branding photoshoot this could be a great way to use your photos.

High quality
Our calendars come in a variety of sizes and finishes and we can work with you to find the right solution for your needs. A large wall planner can make a big impact and because it folds small you won’t pay a fortune for postage.

Did you know we can also design and print branded advent calendars! They are delivered filled with Cadbury chocolates and the minimum order is only 10 pieces. Advent calendars are always a favourite part of the Christmas build up and here’s a way to make the countdown special for your customers.

With the Christmas and new year fast approaching, why not get in touch to chat with us about the design and print of your calendars rosanne@silverstonedesignsolutions.com