Now that in-person trade shows and exhibitions have returned and restrictions from COVID-19 have lifted it’s looking like there will be lots of exhibitions in 2022 for businesses to attend.

If you’re planning to exhibit for the first time or you have an exhibition stand you used a couple of years ago that requires updating we have created this helpful guide to designing an exhibition stand for maximum impact.

You should aim to get your exhibition stand designed and printed a number of months in advance. Working out what sort of stand will work for you and getting the design work completed can take time.

  1. Your message

Before you plan the design of your exhibition stand, consider the message you would like to get across and remember that simplicity is key. Your message needs to be clear to people walking past so that they understand exactly how you could help them. The designer should be briefed with a clear objective on what you want to achieve from the exhibition.

  1. Audience

Knowing your audience will help you to understand what your stand should look like. Should it be fun or corporate? Could there be a seating area with drinks or an interactive area that keeps people on your stand for longer. By making it easy for people to visit your stand and you’ll have more time with them to build a relationship.

  1. Type of exhibition stand

There are a few options when it comes to stands but the most popular are shell scheme or pop-up stands.

Shell schemes will already be erected at the venue and consist of aluminium uprights that you can attach rigid foamex panels or rollable panels to using Velcro or magnetic tape. The benefit of using a shell scheme is the panels can be reused at other events that use this scheme and if you need to update any information you don’t need to reprint all the panels again. Here is a 3 x 2 shell scheme design for a local electronics company, Partner Electronics.

Partner Electronics shell Scheme

If you have a space only stand you would need take your own frame on which to hang graphic panels. We design and print a lot of curved or straight pop-up display stands which are lightweight and portable. The stand and individual panels are stored and transported in a wheeled case which doubles as a podium. These type of stands aren’t great for small areas due to their depth. They can however be reused at other events but if you need to change your message your only option often is to purchase a whole new stand and graphics which can be costly.

  1. The look of your stand

Your exhibition stand should fit with your branding in terms of colours, style of imagery, fonts and using your logo. A designer will also make sure you have the correct size images and logos to print large to make sure your stand looks professional when printed.

Your stand should also be functional. Do you need to have a space to stand and chat? Are you displaying leaflets or brochures? Do you have any promotional items to giveaway? Will you need to show video? These are all items that can be discussed with your designer so that your exhibition stand can be designed with these thing in mind.

And don’t forget the business cards…

Business cards are still a great way to give someone all your contact details. It’s easy to pass a business card to a prospective client and have a conversation at the same time rather than trying to swap numbers and email addresses.

Remember, someone attending an exhibition will receive lots of business cards. So it’s important to make sure your card stands out from the rest and works for the specific event you are attending.

So that people can get your details from your card quickly consider adding a QR code which can be scanned to add you as a contact in their phone easily.

To get prepared with design and print for your next exhibition contact