We’ve been designing a number of candidate packs recently for a variety of roles and one thing they all have in common is that they are branded to the company who is recruiting.

If you’re looking to improve your recruitment process read on. A branded candidate pack can help by;

  1. Showing what your business is about

A candidate pack can give specific information to show what your business is about, your values and expectations. Let applicants know about plans for the future and professional development available to them. It’s also helpful to include photos of your facilities and hyperlinks to your website for them to undertake further research if required.

  1. Helping a candidate understand your values

When an applicant sees a candidate pack for your role you want them to immediately recognise which company is recruiting through the branding used. By being consistent across all your branded materials you will create trust and confidence in your brand.

Your branding will help an applicant to understand your company values and make you stand out from competitors. Branding is important to attract, engage and retain employees.

  1. Highlighting interesting figures or benefits

Using an infographic is a great way to give applicants a visual look at interesting figures related to the role or benefits you are offering. Infographics can help an applicant to retain this data for longer and help you to highlight important details.

  1. Engaging with the candidate 

You’ve probably thought about the type of person you require and spent time writing the words including the role description. By putting the content in to an engaging candidate pack this will help the applicant to be able to picture themselves in the role.

  1. Making the application process easy

Candidate packs often have a ‘How to Apply’ section, making it easy for applicants to find out how to apply for the role. A well-formatted page can make the process clear and make sure all applicants are applying via the same method.

Here is a link to an example branded candidate pack

If you’re looking for help with branded candidate packs, please get in touch for more information rosanne@silverstonedesignsolutions.com