With the rise in people working from home, more video calls than ever are taking place. However, are you struggling to find the right place in your home to make your call look professional.

Is your spare bedroom too cluttered? Do you have boxes of paperwork or a messy kitchen in the background? We can help.

If you’re using Zoom, Teams or Skype we can design a branded virtual background that contains your contact details. Ideal for networking meetings, presentations to clients, bids for work and to make sure all your employees are sending a consistent brand image.

Virtual background – £45

Within this price we will provide 2 designs:

  1. Branded background that contains your logo and detailed contact information.
  2. Simpler branded background that contains your logo ​​and some contact details (better for larger meetings.)


Please note a green screen is sometimes required to enable a better quality background. We can help you find out what you require.

Virtual background and portable green screen – £120

Within this price we will provide:

  1. 2 virtual background designs as above.
  2. Portable green screen kit including 2 tripod stands, 3 (3m x 2m) background fabrics (green/white/black), clamps and carry case.