Whiteboard Videos

A whiteboard video is a unique and visual way to tell your story. The video is created as if you are moving the viewer around a whiteboard to explain a difficult concept or how something works. The images are combined with a voiceover and music.

With approximately 40% of internet searches are now on You Tube or other video sources, you will be missing out on sales if you don’t include video on your website and social media.

Whiteboard videos are more than 15% better at getting your message remembered than talking head videos!

Video engages readers, builds trust and is great for SEO, so a whiteboard video is a great way to create a video to share, that will get your potential customer interested in your products or services.

White board videos that we create help to improve recall and retention of information. They are also

  • Interesting
  • Fun and friendly
  • Attention grabbing
  • Show your personality
  • Great for social media

How it works;

  1. We will help you form a plan. You need to consider your target audience, where the video will be seen, understand your objectives and know the business need you are addressing.
  2. You will need to provide some key messages which we will create your storyboard from.
  3. We will help you write a script (approx. 200 words/2 minute video)
  4. You can send us your logo and any images you want to add in the video.
  5. We will create your video to reflect your brand and values, and talks in a language your audience will respond to. We will use your images and images from our library.
  6. We can add royalty free music and a professional voiceover.
  7. We will send to you for review.
  8. Once amendments have been made we will send you the final HD video.